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8P9R - CQWW DX SSB 2005, Multi-Multi, High Power, Assisted

Oct 30-31, 2005

Top L to R: Krassy (K1LZ), Clint (W3ARS), John (W3ADC) and David (K3LP)

Bottom L to R: Kamal (N3KS), Nathan (W3ADX), Hughey (WB6CBU), and Mike (N3VOP)

Rear L to R: Clint (W3ARS), Nathan (W3ADX), Ernest (J69AZ), John (W3ADC), Oms (PY5EG) and David (KY1V)

Middle L to R: Kamal (N3KS), Mike (N3VOP), Hughey (WB6CBU), Krassy (K1LZ) and Dean (8P6SH)

Front: David (K3LP)


David Collingham - K3LP              8P9LP Nathan King W3ADX                   8P9NK     (*)
David Collingham - K3LP              8P9R   (Call Sign for Contest) Hughey Carpenter WB6CBU        8P9EC
Clint Brosenne W3ARS               8P9AS David Kopacz - KY1V                   8P9KV
Krassimir Petkov K1LZ               8P9LZ Dean St. Hill - 8P6SH                   8P9SH     (**)
Kamal Sirageldin - N3KS               8P9KS Ancletus Ernest - J69AZ                8P9AR
Mike Fisher N3VOP                    8P9OP Atilano de Oms - PY5EG               8P9EG
John King W3ADC                      8P9JK  


(*) QSL Manager for all QSO's are via Nathan King (W3ADX).

(**) Dean St. Hill (8P6SH) was a key 8P9R team member from Barbados that loaned the team two FT-1000MK5's, two amplifiers, two beams, and much more.






It was our motivation to try and get as many local hams involved with contest planning and events. We were very successful in this goal. Over 25 local hams participated in contest related events including antenna and station building, contesting and "karaoke" singing. The Barbados Amateurs and Non-Amateurs that visited the club station and operated during the contest were:


Keith 8P6AM William 8P6FU

Mark 8P6JG (Barbados Light & Power)

(246) 437-5537

Dean 8P6SH
Keith 8P6BD Jim 8P6GE Trevor 8P6MD Akil Alleyne (Little Boy - 5 years old)
Douglas 8P6BQ Greg 8P6GT Basil 8P6MS Ade Alleyne (Boy - 13 years old)
Tim 8P6EP Haskel 8P6GU Ivan 8P6MY Ayo Alleyne (Boy - 15 years old)
Charles 8P6ET Wesley 8P6GW Ishmael 8P6PE  
Bres 8P6EX Basil 8P6GY Emerson 8P6QA  
Junior 8P6EZ David 8P6GZ Bob 8P6RC  
Rodney 8P6FH Ron 8P6JB Andie 8P6RF  



Our team began arriving in Barbados on Saturday, October 22, 2005 and returned home on Tuesday, November 1, 2005. Our core team rented a five bedroom home with pool called the "CoolHill House" on the central-western coast line of the island. Others stayed at he Corral Reef Resort.

a) Address for CoolHill House is:

CoolHill House located at 16 Leslie Gardens, Maynards, St. Peter, Barbados, WWW.coolhillhousebarbados.com


b) Our contacts with the CoolHill House are as follows:

Marilyn Downing (Home Owner), 1295 Upper Mateer Road, Vandergrift, PA 15690 USA

www.coolhillhousebarbados.com, 1 (724) 568-9103, or 1 (724) 331-0007.
e-mail coolhillhouse@hotmail.com,
$2,000.00   for 1 Week (Oct. 25 thru Nov. 1, 2005)


c) Telephone numbers for the CoolHill House are:

1 (246) 422 4118, &  1 (246) 422 0551.


The pre-contest activities included: a) assembling and installing a new donated 8 element LogPeriodic beam and the new wire antennas for 40, 80 and 160 meters, b) repairing the existing KLM KT-34XA Beam, c) installing qty 4 40' telephone poles, d) repairing and installing an A3 Beam, e) assembling and installing a 2nd A3 Beam, f) installing a Force 12 160 meter Inverted L, g) install 4 square verticals for 40 and 80 meters, and much more.


Summary Comments:

The QRN from power line noise was S9 or better on every band. This kept us off the 20 meter band for 9 hours and 40, 80 and 160 for fours during the middle of the contest. The power line noise would start around 6:00 PM local time and stop around 9:00 AM the next morning. This made it very difficult during the contest. Several days prior to the contest, we had the local power company working on the situation who actually solved a problem where we were getting S8 QRN during the day on 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Four hours before the contest started, the bands were free of QRN, we were all happy that the QRN problems were solved. Then all the sudden, about 45 minutes before the contest started, the noise level on all bands went through the roof (S 10 Plus). At the start of the contest, we ran North America on 20 meters pointing the beam south or southwest to reduce the noise to S7 minimum. It was painful for all of us!


TBD# Place World - 8P9R

CQWW DX SSB 2005, Mutli-Multi, High Pwr., Assisted

Reported Score: 11,508,514

CQWW Reported Score Results:  TBD

Accuracy Error : TBD


Band:  QSOs: Zones: Countries:
160 Meter 299  26
80 Meter 870 27 96
40 Meter 1026 25 103
20 Meter 2263 37 118
15 Meter 2373 31 100
10 Meter 1204 22 47
Report Totals: 8,035 151  490
Results: 11,508,514


The picture of the 8P9R guys at Monday nights going away party. There is Tom (W2SC) who visited us after operating Single Op as 8P1A in the back row, third from the left side.

8P9R CQWW DX SSB 2005, Multi-Multi, High Power, Score Details



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