Malory Interview




Louis P. Malory (WA6DVK) Interviewed by David Collingham

February 5, 2005 (Via Internet)




General Information

In order to gain a better understanding and accomplishments of Mr. Louis P. Malory's Communications Technology Lab at Fontana High School, I sent him an email in February 2005 to get the facts straight from the horses mouth. Here is the letter, questions and responses that you might find informative:


Hello Mr. Lou Malory:


I often think about the educational efforts you've invested with Fohi students. Specifically, the beginning of the communications program (i.e. licenses, electronics, etc.) in 1975/1976. I now realize, that I have no idea of the program's impact, scope and size over the years after my departure from Fohi in 1976. The program impacted my life positively in so many ways. Each of us students, David Collingham, Steve Cook, John Fedorka and Doug Bryant, who completed your program in 1976, have went on to be very successful business people. Thank you - We couldn't have done without you!


Q & A


1) What did you call the Program?


Communications Technology Lab. See attached brochure page 1 and page 2.


2) What was it purpose?


Communications Technology Lab. See attached brochure page 1 and page 2.


3) When did it get started?



4) Who funded the training?


VEA - Federal Funds for Unique Programs.


5) How many students went through the program?


Approximately 800 over an 8 year period.


6) How many students received their own 3rd Class Commercial Radio Telephone Licenses?

Estimated - 500


7) How many students received their ham radio licenses?

Estimated - 500


8) When did you retire?



9) How many years did you teach?

24 years in English


10) Did you retire as the head of the English Department?

I resigned the English Department chairmanship to initiate the Communication Technology Lab.


11) What was you biggest success in teaching?

The success & self realization of my students.


12) Did you miss us Kids (hi hi)?


Beside family, I miss them & glow in their lives & success.






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