Knowing about private preparatory schools

A secondary school that prepares students for college is a college preparatory school. The word refers to public, private, independent, or parochial schools primarily focused on preparing pupils for postsecondary education.

We think we must provide our students with historical knowledge, engage people in the current, and strengthen their skills. Our goal is to raise good citizens who are aware of others’ needs, ethically and intellectually accountable for our world, and ready to give an accounting to God for their life. We try to provide a solid academic programto provide our pupils with the cognitive, spiritual, athletic, and artistic characteristics required to keep the world as God created it.

Preparatory schools, including the West Reserve Academy, were founded well before Civil War; there were no school systems in the United States above the primary level. Because their graduates were unprepared for college, many colleges established “preparatory academies” to help them prepare. As at New York College, the preceding section may outnumber the college. There were also non-college preparatory schools, particularly for girls. There were no women’s colleges at the time, and men & women did never study it at any level. Following the Civil War, a few female prep institutions became women’s colleges.

The early 20th century

In the early 20th century centuries, everyone could get a free high school education. Since then, the United States’ surviving “prep schools” have mostly been private, privileged institutions with highly selective admission requirements and expensive tuition costs that cater to students aged 13 to 18. Other than loans, there is little financial assistance available. Prep schools can indeed be day institutions, primary schools, or even both, and they can be coed or all-girls. Day schools are now more common than boarding schools, and co-educational schools have been more common than single-sex schools since the 1970s. They charge tuition, unlike free public schools. Some prep colleges are linked with a particular religious group.

Public & charter college preparation schools are usually affiliated with a local school system and draw students from around the district rather than just the closest school zone. Some colleges and universities offer relevant courses or curricula which help prepare for a particular subject of study. On the other hand, others use the designation as a marketing tool without offering programs distinct from those offered at a traditional high school.

In Asia

In Japan, college preparatory schools are known as yobik (), which translates to “school used to advance into another school.” In Japan, prep schools are traditionally regarded as prestigious and are notoriously difficult to enter. There are, however, several grades of prep schools, with admission based on the university to which the school leads. That’s all about private preparatory schools.