How to create a promotional code campaign

There are millions of ways to start a promotional code campaign. This section describes the four most popular campaign styles. However, they prefer to share coupons and promo codes online through simple advertising design. When you use our app, the features, anti-fraud features, email platform, and verification portal are still available.

Share your followers with one single discount:

The commercial approach is straightforward, classical. Choose a discount, design a nice coupon, and get your contact information to be registered to receive your voucher. Unlimited marketing such as this performs effectively to maximize sales and interactions.

Share this unique group of fans with a discount:

Determine your promotion by restricting your participation. The promotion ends after these 100 codes are issued. It is a great way to highlight the uniqueness of your brand and give your campaign a competitive advantage. You can also hold a lucky draw for lucky fans who have successfully registered for the bonus.

Provide a unique code for each of your subscribers:

Do you want to increase the exclusivity of your promotions? Communicate with each user who registered the unique code. As mentioned above, you can load customer information into this code and track coupon usage. Upload your list of unique codes to the advertising portal, and they will be sent to members immediately. You can provide the user with the code when registering or add a surprise element by entering a random code in the Instant Win application.

Encourage your followers by completing a survey:


When you sign up for a promotion or track how people use your promo codes, you will get a lot of important information about your online followers. However, you can use surveys to ask more specific questions. Incentivize your followers with discounts or rewards, and in return, ask them what they think about your company, buying habits, etc.

Why share coupon codes online?

Coupons and codes have always been popular with shoppers. But retailers are quickly left behind because advertising plans are launched without preparation or the intended purpose, leading to misleading results and damaging the company’s image. Advantages, poorly managed campaigns can be harmful.

Using marketing apps, you can set clear rules and restrictions. You can limit the number of people for a specific target group, and the operation may be closed after some time. Promotions are more exclusive and therefore more effective. For promotional activities, you can ask attendees to provide contact information and comments to increase the value of your event.