Things tO Know About Pier 21 in Galveston, TX

Pier 21 in Galvestonis one of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas. Pier 21 is a fun and interesting place to visit with its variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions. The pier offers visitors a view of the Gulf of Mexico and serves as a home for pleasure boats, marine life research facilities, and various species of birds. Pier 21 has been around since 1898 serving as a way for travelers to access the area at different times throughout history. Despite being an old landmark, Pier 21 continues to be modernized with new tech innovations and renovated accommodations for tourists. Here are just some things that you should know about visiting this historic landmark.

The History

Pier 21 in Galveston, TX was originally built in 1898 and has served as the main port for a variety of different passenger ships and cargo vessels. This was because of the strict quotas that were set by Congress during this time in history. The pier is so old that even before it was built, there was already a pier on this same spot called Pier 2. The original purpose of Pier 2 was to serve as a shipping terminal for cotton exports from Texas. However, when it opened in 1839, it quickly became one of the most popular tourist attractions on Galveston Island because of how close it was to all of the local attractions and entertainment venues. After Hurricane Carla destroyed Pier 2 in 1961, all cargo operations were moved to Pier 10 which is still used today by cruise ships and cargo vessels who visit Galveston Island.

Pier 21 Today: Modernization and Renovations at Pier 21

Pier 21 in Galveston has been renovated over the years to keep up with modern times. In 2007, Pier 21 was completely renovated and refurbished by the Galveston Historical Foundation. The pier was completely restored for tourists and visitors to enjoy. The pier is now home to a variety of different restaurants and shops that are perfect for families looking for a fun day out in the sun. Pier 21 is also one of the most popular fishing spots on Galveston Island. This is because it provides a variety of different species of fish that can be caught throughout the year. Pier 21 also provides visitors with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas coastline while they fish or watch marine life research facilities conduct experiments on various species of fish.

Pier 21 in Galveston is home to one amazing tourist attraction: The Pier 21 Ship, originally built in 1927 as an oil tanker for Texaco Oil Company. However, after being decommissioned from service because it was too old, it was moved to its current location at Pier 21 where it serves as a unique tourist attraction that is open daily from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.. This ship contains many artifacts from when it was used as an oil tanker by Texaco Oil Company including an original steering wheel and other pieces from its equipment room.